Roadmaster Signature C4


Anglomoil Roadmaster Signature C4 5W30, is a Ultra High performance synthetic engine oil blended to today’s most advanced light diesel and petrol engine lubricant specifications. It is available in a SAE 5W/30 viscosity grade providing excellent fuel efficiency, easier starting due to its low viscosity and improved frictional characteristics.


ACEA C1-04 (2004), ACEA C4–8 (2008), ACEA C4-10 (2010),  MB-Approval 226.51,  Renault RN0720, JASO DL-1


Roadmaster Signature C4 is recommended for Turbo-charged and intercooled direct injection high performance light diesel engines fitted with blow-by recirculation and exhaust where the manufacturer recommends an ADEA C4 or Renault RN0720 5W/30 lubricant.  Also recommended for fuel-injected petrol engines fitted with emissions control technology and catalytic converters.


20 litre, 200 litre.


SAE 5W/30


RoadMaster Signature C4 5W30

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