Roadmaster RASYN GT40 – 5W/40


Roadmaster RASYN GT 40 is an API SN, 5W/40 Ultra High performance synthetic passenger car engine oil blended to today’s most demanding petrol engine lubricant specifications. The formulation was specifically designed for engines subject to high stress such as conditions experienced in High performance vehicles and when racing. RASYN GT40 has excellent shear stability so that it will stay in grade throughout the recommended oil drain period.


API SN, ACEA A3/B4, BMW Longlife-01, Porsche A40, Peugeot Citroen B712296, Renault 700 & 710, MB Approval 226.5 229.1, 229.3, 229.5, VW 502.00, VW 505.00


Anglomoil RASYN GT 40 is recommended for:

  • Fuel-injected petrol engines fitted with emissions control technology and catalytic converters
  • Turbo-charged and intercooled direct injection high performance diesel engines fitted with blow-by recirculation and exhaust emissions.

Petrol engine vehicles sold in Australia since January 1986 use unleaded petrol and are fitted with catalytic converters to reduce exhaust emissions. The catalyst in these units can be poisoned by unsuitable lubricants. The phosphorus content of all Anglomoil engine oils is carefully controlled to avoid this possibility.


20 litre & 200 litre




RoadMaster RASYN GT40

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