Roadmaster RASYN GT60 – 25W/60


Roadmaster RASYN GT 60 25W/60 is a High Performance semi-synthetic multigrade high viscosity engine oil with high detergency and load carrying capacity which will maintain engine cleanliness and reduce wear. Maintains a film of protective oil in the load bearing components of the engine. The formulation was specifically designed for engines requiring a high viscosity oil and subject to high stress such as conditions experienced in motor racing. RASYN GT 60 can also be used in High Mileage engines and older vehicles with excessive oil consumption.


API SN, ACEA A3/B3/B4, MB 229.1


The qualities of Roadmaster RASYN GT 60 make it ideal for use in turbocharged or supercharged engines – petrol and diesel and is compatible with methanol fuelled engines.


20 litre & 200 litre




RoadMaster RASYN GT60

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