Roadmaster Signature VW Plus – 5W/30


Roadmaster Signature VW Plus is a 5W/30 high performance full synthetic oil for gasoline and diesel engine service, developed specifically to meet the performance specifications of VW 504.00 and VW 507.00. Roadmaster Signature VW Plus can also be used in high performance vehicles requiring the below performance specifications.

A cleaner particulate filter maintains engine performance.

  • Protects the engine from wear all year round.
  • Optimises engine performance.
  • Maintains fuel economy.
  • Reduces environmental impact through lower emissions.


API SN, CF Diesel, ACEA C3 A3/B4, BMW Longlife-2004, Mercedes Benz 229.31 & 229.51, Porsche, and Volkswagen VW 504.00, 507.00, JASO DL-1 5W/30


FSI, TDI and turbocharged engines, diesel and gasoline engines with particulate filters requiring either VW 504.00 or VW 507.00 specification.

Suitable for use in Mazda diesel engines requiring JASO DL-1 5W/30 oils.


20 Litre & 200 litre


SAE 5W/30


RoadMaster Signature VW Plus

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