Rock Drill Oil


Anglomoil Rock Drill Oils are blended from selected mineral oils specially compounded to provide good lubricity, inhibit corrosion as well as emulsifiers and tack additives.


The correct viscosity grade of Anglomoil Rock Drill Oil should be selected to suit the equipment being used and the local site operating conditions. The machinery manufacturer will usually include a selection chart in the machinery handbook to assist in the selection of the correct grade.


Mining, quarrying, construction, roadworks, tunnelling and excavations.

Caution: There have been cases where combustion of lubricant has occurred in the air chambers of some types of percussive air tools. Anglomoil strongly recommends that users do not deviate from the lubrication recommendations and guidelines provided by air tool manufacturers. Prior to any work being undertaken in areas where sources of ignition could create a high level of risk (eg. underground coal mining), a full risk assessment must be carried out to ensure that the right tools and procedures are used for the application.


200 litre


ISO 100, ISO 320 & ISO 460



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