Anglomoil Carby & Throttle Body Cleaner


Anglomoil Carby and Throttle Body Cleaner is a powerful cleaner designed to rapidly remove carbon deposits, oil, sludge, gum and varnish from interior of carburetor and throttle body, throttle shaft and plate and restores carburetor efficiency, rough idling and stalling. It is suitable to be used on choke valves, automatic choke controls, carburetor exterior, linkage and heat-riser valves. Dries quickly without leaving a film.

Directions For Use

Switch engines and motors off and cover all electrical items from overspray. If possible lay rags or cardboard paper under throttle body to collect run-off residues, drips and accidental spillage and prevent them from entering drains and waterways.
Shake the can well for a few seconds and with engine cold ignition off, spray into throat of carburetor until choke valve and other surfaces are clean. Remove the air cleaner and start the engine. Then, while the engine is idling spray into float chamber vent and throttle body. Stop engine then spray the exterior of carburetor. Then replace the air cleaner.


Do not spray onto painted surfaces. If accidentally sprayed onto painted surfaces then remove immediately by washing with water. Do not allow this product to dry onto painted surface as it will lead to a streaky appearance. If this happens then polish the surface.
Avoid applying onto bitumen surfaces as it is likely to soften such sur-faces and render them sticky for long periods.


Under normal usage the Anglomoil Carby and Throttle Body Cleaner will provide up to 350 spray applications per 400 gram can. Usage will also be dependent on the duration of the spray.


Anglomoil Carby and Throttle Body Cleaner contains active constituents that will penetrate and loosen carbonaceous and other hard deposits from the surface very quickly thus enabling fuel to pass more efficiently. The product also contains actives that will readily clear up choked float chambers and vents allowing free passage of air through the filter. The loosened carbonaceous material can easily be removed by simple wiping of the surface. This product does not leave residues or by-products that will require further cleaning.


Anglomoil Carby & Throttle Body Cleaner TDS

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