Anglomoil Heavy Duty Degreaser


Anglomoil Heavy Duty Degreaser is a powerful multipurpose degreaser designed to remove grease and grime from numerous surfaces including engines, lawn mowers, outboard motors, concrete floors, driveways and general workshop surfaces. The Anglomoil Heavy Duty Degreaser is formulated to quickly soften and remove grease and grime in one application leaving the metal surface sparkling clean.

Directions For Use

Switch engines and motors off and cover all electrical items from over-spray. If possible lay fabric or cardboard paper on the floor where de-greasing is to be performed so as to contain drips, accidental spillage and runny degreased products and prevent them from entering drains and waterways.
Shake the can for a few seconds and spray the degreaser onto the areas to be cleaned, allow standing for 2-3 minutes, then hosing off. For thick deposits of grease and grime saturate with degreaser and allow the grease to soak up degreaser for 2 minutes then hose off. For hard grime use brush or high pressure cleaner.


Do not spray onto hot engines or whilst engines are running. Avoid applying onto bitumen surfaces as it is likely to soften such surfaces and render them sticky for long periods. If sprayed onto painted surfaces then remove immediately by washing with water. Do not allow the degreaser to dry onto painted surface as it will lead to a streaky appearance. If this happens then polish the surface.


Under normal usage the Anglomoil Heavy Duty Degreaser will provide up to 300 spray applications per 400 gram can. Usage will also be dependent on the duration of the spray.


Anglomoil Heavy Duty Degreaser contains active constituents and pure (non-recycled) solvent mix which enables the degreaser to penetrate, emulsify and soften grease immediately upon application. The solvent system is carefully chosen to lubricate the degreased metal surface and prevent dirt and dust from impregnating back into it. The degreaser leaves no resi-dues or by-products that will require further cleaning.
The softened grease should be removed as quickly as possible since the degreaser will evaporate off the grease surface with time. The degreaser will impart softness to grease up to 1 hour in mild conditions (20-25ºC) and 15 minutes on hot days (temperatures exceeding 30ºC).


Anglomoil Heavy Duty Degreaser TDS

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