Syn EP 80W140


Anglomoil SYN EP 80W/140 synthetic lubricant is a heavy duty, extreme pressure , GL-5 gear lubricant. It is compounded using a synthetic basestock, which has a high viscosity index and an exceptionally low pour point. This lubricant contains extreme pressure additives, as well as rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to protect gears and bearings operated under a wide variety of load conditions. The high and low temperature performance of this product exceeds those of conventional SAE 80W-90, SAE 90, and 85W-140 hypoid gear lubricants.


API GL-5 & MT-1, SAE J2360, MIL-L-2105D / MIL-PRF-2105E, Mack GO-J, Arvin Meritor 0-80, International TMS 6816, Dana Spicer SHAES 429


Anglomoil SYN EP 80W/140 is recommended for applications where heat and wear present major problems. These applications include manual transmissions where EP type lubricants are recommended, differentials including limited slip, and transfer cases for heavy equipment, trucks, tractors and industrial gear drives. Automobiles, light duty trucks and farm machinery are other potential uses of this lubricant.


200 L, 20 L





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