Syntrans EP 75W/110


SYNTRANS EP Gear Oil 75W/110 is a Total Drive Line Lubricant (TDL), whose multigrade viscosity, special EP chemistry and exceptional thermal stability place this lubricant in the forefront of TDL technology.


API GL-4, GL-5, API MT-1, AvinMeritor 076-N, MB 235.8, Eaton Europe, MAN 3323S, MACK GO-J, MIL-L-2105D, MIL-PRF-2105E, SAE J2360, Scania STO 1:0, DAF, ZF TE-ML-17B, Iveco, ZF TE-ML-02B, 05B, 07A, 12B, 16F, 19C & 21B.


SYNTRANS EP Gear Oil 75W/110 is a total driveline Fluid (TDL) which works both in axles and manual transmissions. It provides proven performance in the most severe of conditions, ensuring excellent thermal stability and superior seal compatibility.
SYNTRANS EP Gear Oil 75W/110 is a SYNTRANS EPthetic formulation which meets the requirements for MB-235.8 approval, which provides operators with the opportunity of extending their axle service interval to 500,000 km.

SYNTRANS EP Gear Oil 75W/110

  • Can be used in SYNTRANS EPchronised, non-SYNTRANS EPchronised transmissions and rear axles.
  • Has an extensive list of formal OEM approvals which for a mixed fleet of vehicles provides the potential to use just one lubricant to meet all the needs of the fleet operation.
  • Has excellent thermal stability providing cleanliness for applications where there is long term exposure to high operating temperatures.
  • Provides excellent durability


20 Litre & 200 Litre


SAE 75W/110


Syntrans EP 75W/110

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