We Have Never Had A Problem

Changing over to Anglomoil lubricants has not only led to a dramatic improvement in equipment reliability and a reduction in operating costs for Premiair Hire, it has also strengthened their reputation in the marketplace.

For the past 20 years Premiair has been an industry leader in hiring, selling and servicing all types of air compressors in a wide range of markets across Australia from mining to drilling, oil and gas to construction, civil to traffic management.

“Before we introduced Anglomoil compressor oils to our hire fleet and to those which we service for our customers we were experiencing all kinds of problems. We used one brand of 46 and 68 mineral grade compressor oils and then tried another. The viscosities kept changing dramatically and they just weren’t suited to the job”, says Purchasing Manager James Williams, “They caused the compressors to gum up and in the worst cases we had compressors seizing on us. As you can imagine our customers weren’t happy and added to that was the fact that we had to keep buying new parts as well as expensive cleaning products to flush the engines out before we could add new oil.”

Keen to restore customer relations and prevent their reputation from being tarnished any further, Premiair Hire approached the lubricant supplier to seek a quick solution to their costly problem. James says this is where the situation became worse,

“We told them the problem and they didn’t want to know. We presented oil samples and technical evidence but they wiped their hands of it and said the faults weren’t caused by their products. It was critical for us to get an immediate response, we wanted to resolve the situation straight away, but they dragged it out over several months and in the end we decided to walk away and find a new supplier. I had heard good things about Anglomoil so we invited them to meet with us.”

The outcome of this meeting saw the Premiair Hire fleet change over to Anglomoil SFG Compressor Oil H1 for the food grade compressors, Anglomoil Rotary Synthetic Compressor Oil 68 (RCO) for the high powered fleet and mineral grade SR Compressor Oil 68 for the others. Anglomoil Roadmaster 300 Diesel Engine Oil was supplied for diesel powered compressors and generators.

James says the transformation has been nothing short of dramatic going from multiple engine failures to not one issue,

“Premiair Hire has 13 depots located across Australia and a fleet with hundreds of compressors and since we began using Anglomoil not one service manager has rung through with a problem. In my role no news is good news and to not hear a single comment in all this time is outstanding. The Anglomoil food grade oil is obviously a higher end application with very strict benchmarks to meet. We have not had any issues, it works faultlessly for all of our food grade customers. We use the Anglomoil RCO in our high powered machines which operate at higher pressures and with higher temperatures. The whole fleet is running fine and has not had any problems. At Premiair Hire we choose to over-service our fleet and so even though we know that the Anglomoil formulations provide service life up to 4000 hours our service intervals are usually at 2000 hours.”

“The added bonus is that the Anglomoil products are competitive on price and when it comes to after sales service the team from Anglomoil are always keen to provide advice. They have a very effective distribution service as well and usually have a one week max’ turn around for orders going to any of our 13 depots in Australia. We couldn’t be happier.”





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