About Us

Protecting Your Investment. Since 1975.


Anglomoil is a 100% Australian owned and operated manufacturer of “Extreme Performance” and specialty lubricants which is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2015.

Every one of our products is a demonstration of our innovation, extensive understanding of the science of blending, the expertise of our chemist and engineers, and our commitment to only use world-best ingredients. As a result, we have a large community of loyal long-term customers who appreciate the productivity and cost efficiencies they realise from choosing Anglomoil.

Truck and old Anglomoil logo

Anglomoil has a comprehensive understanding of engineering. We work directly with long haul truck fleets, earthmoving equipment suppliers, agricultural machinery operators, mining companies, automotive workshops, maritime fleets, food manufacturers, tool makers and machinists. We understand their challenges and we know their requirements.

We have the flexibility and know-how to develop unique lubricants for specific environments. At the same time, we have exclusive formulations which enable customers to rationalise the number of lubricants they require thus reducing their operating costs.

Australian F1 Champions 2004

Australian F1 Champions 2004

As a Technology Partner, Anglomoil offers a comprehensive range of premium products which help our customers to increase their performance and profitability in highly competitive markets. The quality of our lubricants is so high that (for example) the same blend used in standard road cars is also the first-choice for champion motor racing teams…and the product preferred by the current Australian Super Truck Nationals champion for his circuit racing Kenworth (Anglomoil Roadmaster) is also used in his fleet of long haulage trucks.

We meet and exceed international ISO standards with all of our products and, in the case of our food grade lubricants, they are also Halal and Kosher approved.

Our philosophy is one of “Total excellence in all we do” so that we can Protect Your Investment.

Anglomoil products are developed at our purpose-built plant at Mt. Kuringai, Sydney, and are used across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific. They are available via our network of warehouses and distributors.