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Anglomoil’s Food Grade Lubricants extensive range is based on exclusive formulations which meet all H1 and H2 industry standards. Our Food grade range are certified for the following: NSF, SICHMA Halal, Kosher and New Zealand Food Safety.

FM Grease Al-X 300-2

FM Grease Al-X 300-2

FoodMaster Grease Al-X 300-2 is designed to cover a wide range of food safe applications, encompassing extremes of temperature, wet and saturated environments, heavily loaded ...
FM Grease Al-X 300-00

FM Grease Al-X 300-00

FoodMaster Grease Al-X 300-00 is a semi-fluid grease designed to cover various food-safe applications. The combination of Aluminium-complex thickener and synthetic base oil ...
FM Grease CS HD 400-2

FM Grease CS HD 400-2

FM Grease CS HD 400-2 is a high performance grease utilising Polyalphaolefin base oil and a complex Calcium Sulphonate thickener for Heavy Duty applications.
FM Grease CS 100-2

FM Grease CS 100-2

FoodMaster (FM) Grease Calcium Sulphonate (CS) 100-2 is a high-performance grease utilising pharmaceutical grade base oil and a calcium sulphonate thickener.
FoodSafe Tak Chain Lube (Aerosol)

FoodSafe Tak Chain Lube (Aerosol)

The Foodsafe Tak Chain Lubricant Spray is fully synthetic, food grade chain lube suited for use on drive chains, conveyor chains, and small bearings. It greatly extends ...
FoodSafe Silicon Spray (Aerosol)

FoodSafe Silicon Spray (Aerosol)

FOODSAFE SILICONE SPRAY is a high viscosity, pearlescent, smooth, tacky, and waterproof silicone fluid in an aerosol package. FOODSAFE SILICONE SPRAY is NSF H1 registered for ...
FM Synthetic Compressor Oil

FM Synthetic Compressor Oil

FoodMaster (FM) Synthetic Compressor Fluids are made from Polyalphaolefins (PAO) and additives packages that have been NSF H-1 registered, where incidental food contact can ...
FM Synthetic Gear Oil

FM Synthetic Gear Oil

FoodMaster (FM) Synthetic Gear Oils are premium-performance lubricants made from Polyalphaolefin (PAO) base stocks and proprietary additive blends. The FoodMaster range has ...
FM Synthetic Hydraulic Oil

FM Synthetic Hydraulic Oil

FoodMaster (FM) Synthetic Hydraulic Oils are premium-performance lubricants made from Polyalphaolefin (PAO) base stocks and proprietary additive blends. The FoodMaster range ...
FM White Oil (WO)

FM White Oil (WO)

FoodMaster White Oils are highly refined mineral oils that have been NSF H-1 registered and are specifically recommended where incidental food contact may occur. They can be ...
When it comes to food production, precision and hygiene are at the top of the list — that’s where food-grade lubricants come in handy. Food machinery lubricants are meticulously formulated to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry, including the regulatory standards that uphold the integrity of the food supply chain.

What is a food-grade lubricant?

Food processing lubricants comply with strict regulations to ensure they are safe from incidental contact with food products. As a food-grade lubricant manufacturer, our food processing oils help prevent any compromise to food quality and preserve the purity of the end product.

Why lubricants used in the food industry are essential

The importance of using food-grade lubricants cannot be overstated in the food industry, where machinery is the heartbeat of production. Food industry lubricants ensure the machinery operates smoothly, reduces friction and wear and abides by strict food safety standards. By choosing Anglomoil as your food-grade lubricant supplier, your business can invest in the longevity of your equipment and, most of all, the safety and quality of your food products.

Discover our selection of safe lubricants for food machinery at Anglomoil

Choosing the proper food-grade lubricant is imperative for maintaining the integrity of your food production equipment for years to come. As a food-grade lubricant manufacturer, we can help your business choose the most suitable lubricant for specific applications. Consider the operating temperature, load and compatibility with sealing materials when selecting the most suitable food-grade processing oil. Our food-grade oils include:

  • FoodMaster Grease Al-X 300-2

    This food-grade lubricant suits various food-safe applications, including extreme temperatures, wet and saturated environments, heavily loaded applications and where there’s a presence of dust or other potential contaminants. Its extreme pressure/anti-wear additives provide optimal load-carrying performance.

  • FoodMaster Grease Al-X 300-00

    Opt for this semi-fluid grease that combines aluminium-complex thickener and synthetic base oil to handle it all, from extreme temperatures to wet and saturated environments, heavily loaded applications and contaminated or dusty environments.

  • FoodMaster Grease CS HD 400-2

    If you’re operating heavy-duty applications, such as seed-crushing equipment, pelleting machines, extruders or bearings under loads subject to shocks, this is the food-grade processing oil you need. It has a Polyalphaolefin base oil and complex calcium sulphonate thickener for heavy-duty applications.

  • FoodMaster Grease CS 100-2

    This food industry lubricant is a high-performance grease with a pharmaceutical-grade base oil and a calcium sulphonate thickener that can be used for most applications.

  • FoodMaster FM Synthetic Compressor Oil

    Crafted from Polyalphaolefins (PAO) and specialised additive packages, our FM synthetic compressor oils are NSF H-1 registered for safe incidental food contact. Ideal for rotary compressors requiring NSF H-1 standards, these food-grade processing oils offer versatility and align with various manufacturers’ viscosity recommendations, ensuring optimal performance and safety in diverse settings.

  • FoodMaster Synthetic Gear Oils

    With excellent low-traction frictional performance that reduces energy consumption in your plant, these multi-purpose food-grade lubricants possess antifoam and air-release properties that reduce the risk of gear oil spills within plants while protecting gear surfaces from the effects of air entrainment.

  • FoodMaster Synthetic Hydraulic Oils

    Used in canning and bottling general machinery, our hydraulic oils have been expertly formulated to separate from water, reducing the chance of bacterial growth in hydraulic reservoirs. Thanks to their combination of fully synthetic base oils and advanced antioxidant additives, these high-quality oils possess a high resistance to oxidation.

  • FoodMaster Synthetic Heat Transfer OIl

    Offering exceptional performance for enclosed heat transfer systems used in industrial applications such as chemical plants and processing industries, synthetic heat transfer oils are resistant to oxidation and can reach a maximum bulk oil temperature of 320°C.

  • And more!

Anglomoil — the food-grade lubricant supplier you can count on

In the demanding food industry landscape, every part of the food production process must be streamlined to ensure quality and safety. Choosing the right food processing lubricants will ensure your business upholds the highest standards of the food supply chain. At Anglomoil, our food industry lubricants are Sichma Halal, Koser, NSF and NZ Food Safety certified. With over 45 years of industry expertise, we offer world-class formulations that deliver on equipment performance, reliability and longevity.

If you have any queries on food-grade lubricants in Australia, contact our team, who are always happy to help, or check out our news page for updates about Anglomoil.


What distinguishes food-grade lubricants from standard lubricants?

Food-grade lubricants are designed and formulated to meet stringent safety standards for food processing. They must comply with regulations set by food safety agencies, ensuring they don’t pose any risk of contamination to the food products they come in contact with. Meanwhile, standard lubricants may contain ingredients unsuitable for food applications and may not adhere to the necessary safety standards.

How do food-grade lubricants contribute to food safety?

Food-grade lubricants meet strict regulatory requirements to minimise the risk of contamination, ensuring that they don’t adversely affect the quality or safety of the food products they come into contact with during processing and packaging. Their adherence to established standards helps prevent potential hazards, making them essential in maintaining the overall safety and integrity of the food production process.

Can food-grade lubricants withstand high-temperature processing?

Many food-grade lubricants can withstand high-temperature processing in the food industry. These lubricants maintain their stability and functionality at elevated temperatures, ensuring the food production machinery’s reliable and safe operation.

Can food-grade lubricants be used in equipment that comes in direct contact with food?

Yes, food-grade lubricants are specifically formulated and approved for use in equipment that directly comes into contact with food during processing or packaging. They are carefully designed to meet stringent safety standards, ensuring that they do not pose any risk of contamination and comply with regulations set by food safety authorities.

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