The Complete Lubricant Solution™

For over 45 years, we are an Australian owned and operated manufacturer located in northern Sydney suburb of Mount Kuring-Gai. With this, we offer world-class formulations, delivering proven increases in equipment performance, reliability, and longevity. To date, we have developed and produced over 400 premium lubricants across a portfolio of 800 products. These are supplied to over 4000 of our customers and distributors who are embedded throughout the Agricultural, Construction, Manufacturing, Mining, Transport, Automotive and Marine industries. 


In addition to manufacturing Anglomoil products, we are trusted, reliable and utilised by major industry leaders to handle and fulfill product orders in their name and brand.  The options of Toll blending and packaging are available to our customers including and not limited to OEM’s.

Committed to Quality

For over four decades we have developed quality products which outperform the majors. Our unique blends are manufactured at our state of the art processing plant in Sydney, our plant is also the first to introduce heated blending.

As we are committed to continuously innovate and only utilise the best ingredients which has resulted in a large community of loyal, long-term customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the South Pacific.

The quality of our lubricants is so high that the same blend used in standard road cars is also the first-choice for champion motor racing teams. More than a manufacturer, the AnglomOil Lubricants Group is a Technology Partner delivering a Complete Lubricant Solution™ (CLS).


High Performance Lubricants Since 1975

From petrol and diesel engines to transmissions, drive train and gears to hydraulics, food manufacturing and engineering workshops to milling machines.

Industry Association

We are a member of the Australian Lubricant Association (ALA), who works with the Lubricant industry to increase knowledge of lubricant specification, ensure that they are fit for use and/or meet appropriate specifications as well as make sure product claims are not false or misleading. As well as becoming a national support partner for the Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA).


Meeting Global Standards.

All of our products meet and exceed international ISO standards and, in the case of our food grade lubricants, they are Halal and Kosher approved. They are available via our network of strategically located warehouses and distributors.

All current NSF, HALAL and Kosher certificates are available within the Food Grade product page.

We Listen to Our Customers

We work directly with long haul truck fleets, earthmoving equipment suppliers, agricultural machinery operators, mining companies, automotive workshops, maritime fleets, food manufacturers, tool makers and machinists. We understand their challenges and we know their requirements.

We analyse vehicle and equipment assets and production methods and create customised strategies to increase productivity whilst reducing operating costs. Our formulations enable CLS customers to rationalise the number of lubricants plus we have the flexibility to develop unique lubricants for specific environments.