Products in Workshop

Brake Fluid DOT 3

Brake Fluid DOT 3 is a premium, high boiling polyglycol-based fluid formulated for use in a wide range of brake and clutch applications. It contains corrosion and oxidation ...

Silicone Brake Fluid DOT 5

Anglomoil’s Silicon Brake Fluid DOT 5 is a premium and fully synthetic brake fluid designed for use where DOT 5 is required. Best used for hydraulic brake and clutch systems ...

Brake Fluid Super DOT 4

A high boiling point brake fluid meeting the American Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard DOT 4 with a boiling point of 260°C. Use in braking systems of cars and trucks.


A degreasing agent based on aromatic petroleum solvents coupled with a vegetable based emulsifying agent. Excellent penetration and solubility of oil and grease deposits.

Diesel Injector Cleaner

Anglomoil’s Diesel Injector Cleaner is ideal for preventing or gradually cleaning up fuel injector deposits. The Diesel Injector Cleaner will enable users to prevent power ...

Engine Flush

Anglomoil Engine Flush is an advanced chemical formulation suitable for use in all internal combustion engines. It is a top treat to be poured into the engine prior to an oil ...

Hand Cleaner

An effective and pleasant cleaning cream containing citrus oils and lanolin derivative.

Mop Up Spill Absorbant

Mop Up Spill Absorbant is a fast and easy to use way to clean up messy liquid spills. It is a very convenient way to clean all surfaces.


Adblue is a not-toxic aqueous urea solution used to chemically reduce NOX-emission from heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles. Adblue is not classified as a dangerous substance, ...