Coolant HDD 50% Mix

HDD Coolant 50 has been specifically designed as a general purpose heavy duty cycle engine coolant suitable for diesel trucks, buses, marine, locomotive and static engines as well as mining equipment with both ferrous and aluminium construction. It is a low silicate and amine free formulation, which contains a pre-charge of supplemental coolant additive (SCA) for added protection against wet cylinder liner pitting. It can be used alone, or with an SCA for extended service applications.

Available sizes

20L, 200L & IBC=1000L

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Recommended Concentration HDD Coolant 50, pre-diluted to 50% v/v, contains sufficient inhibitors to enable it to be used as an initial fill fluid without the need for a pre-charge of supplemental coolant additive. Service Life The recommended maximum service interval without recharging the inhibitor system with an SCA is 240,000 kms (or 2 years) for off-road engines. In instances where extended service is required, HDD Coolant 50 requires ongoing maintenace with an SCA during its service life. Where an SCA dose is required, use the SCA appropriate for that engine.

HDD Coolant 50 is recommended where the following performance levels are cited: ASTM D 6210* (for HDDE not requiring a pre-charge of SCA) GM1899M performance specification (specific to the GM6038 recipe) GM1825 performance specification (specific to the GM6043M recipe) Ford ESE-M97B44-A (automotive) Ford ESE-M97B18-C (heavy duty tractor and diesel) Detroit Diesel Allison 75E298 Type P (Renault) Saab FCD 8704 Cummins 92T8-9 MWN Diesel 234 2/15 Nissan NES 5059 LLC Mazda MES MN 121D Caterpillar 1 EO 535 (performance) TMC RP329 TypeA.

20L = 2917020, 200L = 2917200, IBC = 2917000


What Our Customers Say About Our Products and Services

Dickinson Haulage

Two generations of the Dickinson family have operated their transport company and they have run all their trucks on Anglomoil Lubricants – “Our trucks average 1,300,000 kilometres before we turn them over and there was one truck we bought which clocked up nearly 2,000,000 kilometres. Anglomoil suits all of our engines. We don’t use up oil and they all run very efficiently.

Quantum Air Compressors

To put it quite simply, since we changed to Anglomoil’s food grade, synthetic and mineral grade compressor oils, we don’t have any more dramas. Our compressors operate at the right temperature, they don’t coke up and they are serviced at the right intervals.

Toucan Industrial

We service a wide range of companies across regional New South Wales in mining, quarrying, timber logging, food manufacturing and other industries. The common result we see in all of them is that Anglomoil lubricants have substantially reduced their operating costs. Some of the savings are as much as 75% which is unheard of in these industries. This is because Anglomoil’s synthetic gear oils, engine and transmission oils, hydraulic lubricants, greases and other products are far superior to the rest.

Palm Trans

When we changed over to Anglomoil we ran many, many tests on our fleet. We conducted extensive oil sampling to confirm the benefits we were getting from the Anglomoil products. We noticed the engines ran a lot cleaner, there was less sludging, we were able to extend our drain intervals which also meant the trucks spent less time in our workshop being serviced. The best way to make money in this industry is to keep your trucks on the road.

MP Schulz Excavations

We have been relying on Anglomoil products for more than two decades. Our fleet includes 14 7-20 tonne excavators, tippers and a Caterpillar loader. When we hire our equipment out we know that they tend to push it past its limits. It’s very tough out there on machinery with the heat, the dust, all kinds of weather. We send oil samples from our Caterpillar equipment to them for analysis and in all these years we haven’t had a single issue with the oil breaking down or not performing. Other than routine maintenance we don’t have to touch our equipment.

Abafone Excavating and Earthmoving

We began using Anglomoil diesel engine oils and hydraulic oils almost 25 years ago. I was not willing to take any risks with our investment which includes Volvo and Komatsu excavators, Caterpillar bulldozers, loaders, a roller and grader-scraper. They are usually hired out to contracted operators who ‘use and abuse’ them. With the Anglomoil products there’s no problem in achieving a lifespan up to 30,000 hours with our machinery. Anglomoil hasn’t let us down once.

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