Mining – Weir Minerals

Weir Minerals is a Tier One global manufacturer of mining, oil, gas and power generation equipment. Anglomoil Lubricants is the preferred supplier to the Australian group for our quality and expertise, in which our oil operates underground and above ground in extreme class 1 and Zone 1 dangerous environments, without failures. Our Oil is shipped globally via Weir minerals, as the equipment leaves Australia to international sites, fully loaded with all the required fluids on board with the finished product.

Weir Minerals is highly respected globally for, manufacturing pumps, well heads, valves, crushers and hydro cyclones which must operate faultlessly in one or all encompassing, abrasive high-wear environments, lower atmospheric pressures to gravity, low oxygen environments and ambient temperatures not fit for humans. All within a confined space or with poor access, alienated with high dust content and restricted airflow.

Weir Minerals has numerous operational and finished product requirements of Anglomoil Lubricants.

Operationally all the equipment required to manufacture the end user products is much bigger than a typical house. One of the vacuum presses via its four vertical hydraulic rams will exert in excess of 4500 pounds. From this pressure they are able to squeeze a fibre glass resin into a variety of shapes to form intricate products, large and small. A typical dye that performs these functions will weigh more than 20 tonnes.

Adhesion is required of rubber, metal parts (seals, rings, etc) under extreme pressure. The requirement here is both in physical application and of course faultless operational ability.

To vulcanise rubber is complex, its simply not feasible to run a non-compliant or price led hydraulic oil in the Weir system. If the hydraulic falls out of specification or struggles with our needs, the entire process involved with vulcanising may be comprised and impacted negatively, on a global scale.

All components made and shipped are all lubricated with Anglomoil Lubricants.

With the Weir Minerals China facility reducing output, the Sydney site has increased theirs to keep up with global demand. This increase for much higher lubricant volumes has been comfortably met by Anglomoil.

“Our focus is on quality at the highest level, minimising the incidence of rejected parts and safety”, said machine shop manager, Stephen Cox. 

We run 24 x 7 at Weir Minerals, with only one planned shutdown per year. “Unplanned outages are not in our vocabulary “For this reason we use Anglomoil lubricants, a tried, proven and trusted product.

“Our equipment must run without regular service changes”, added Stephen. 

Weir’s lubricant-of-choice for 10 plus years has been Anglomoil’s HVI Hydraulic Oil 32 and 68. We have been supplying these range of products and numerous other Anglomoil lubricants.

Anglomoil HVI Hydraulic Oil is a supreme performance anti-wear hydraulic fluid designed for use in areas you would not think of. Anglomoil manufacturers their range of lubricants to work in environments that our competitors struggle. Anglomoil has over 800 different SKU’s in our range spanning, Automotive, Commercial Transport, Civil equipment, Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing, Food manufacturing, Marine and more.

The hydraulic oil is made in Sydney at Anglomoil’s state of the art blending facility. It is available in a variety of ISO levels: 15, 32, 56, 68 and 100. Each one has been developed to suit a specific application. 

Stephen said the AnglomOil hydraulic oils do an excellent job of preventing wear and equipment failure. There products work very well and their service is exceptional.





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