See The New-Look AnglomOil Racing Truck

Super Truck racing returns to Winton Raceway north of Melbourne in a week’s time and it will be the first viewing of the revitalised AnglomOil Kenworth driven by Frank Amoroso.

Frank, a veteran of truck racing for more than two decades, sent his turbocharged Kenny back to the workshop following last season’s “big shunt” where a competitor slid off the end of the main straight at speed and collided with the parked AnglomOil truck.

Frank had been watching the race from beside the tyre wall after aquaplaning off the straight. The impact twisted the sub frame and meant the truck had to go to ReCar then the paint spray booth.

Frank decided to change the colour scheme to match his immaculate Kenworth road transporter. Of course we like the blue because it is OUR colour as well!

Frank and co-driver/mechanic Chris Mifsud have prepared the truck in readiness for Winton. Racing takes place on July 7-8.


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