Anglomoil is only Australian manufacturer listed in global lube guide

The 100% Australian owned and operated lubricant manufacturer, Anglomoil, has announced that it is the only Australian owned company listed in the latest version of the international Lubritec Synthetic Lubricant Cross Reference Chart Series Reference Guide.

The 72 page guide is published by Lubrication Technologies in Houston, Texas, and distributed around the world as a supplement to the OEM/Lube News.

Anglomoil is included alongside the biggest names in the world in a total of seven categories as a preferred lubricant. You have companies from Europe, the United States and Asia and there is Anglomoil waving the flag for Australia”, says Business Development Manager James Taliana.

Lubritec selected the following Anglomoil synthetic products for the sixth edition of its high-profile publication:

(PAO synthetic compressor lubricant)

  • Anglomoil ISO32 Rotary Synthetic Compressor Oil (RSCO)

(Synthetic H1 hydraulic gear chain oil)

  • Anglomoil SFG Heatrans
  • Anglomoil SFG Gear Oil
  • Anglomoil SFG Hydraulic Oil

(Synthetic industrial E.P. gear oil)

  • Anglomoil IndSyn EP Gear Oil

(Synthetic industrial R&O gear & bearing oil)

  • Anglomoil Industrial Gear Oil

(Synthetic industrial chain oil)

  • Anglomoil Hi Temp Oven Chain Oil

(Synthetic AW hydraulic oil)

  • Anglomoil Hydraulic Oil

(Synthetic fire resistant hydraulic fluid)

  • Anglomoil Hydraulic BIO-ER

“Anglomoil has been formulating and manufacturing high performance synthetic and mineral based products since the Seventies from our purpose-built facility in Sydney. We are recognised throughout the lubricant industry for exceptionally high quality products and they are used across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Every one of our products is a demonstration of our innovation, our extensive understanding of the science of blending, the expertise of our chemist and engineers, and our commitment to only use world-best ingredients. As a result, we have a large community of loyal long-term customers who appreciate the productivity and cost efficiencies they realise from choosing Anglomoil first”, adds James.

The Anglomoil product range includes two- and four-stroke petrol and diesel engine oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, gear oil, industrial lubricant, metalworking fluid, food grade lubricant and grease, marine grade lubricant, grease, coolant and additives.

“Anglomoil is all about protecting your investment whether that be a prime mover, conveyor system, crane, bus, earthmoving equipment, passenger car, CNC machining centre, hydraulic crusher, tractor, ferry or a ride-on mower.”

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