David Minton To Defend 2016 Title

Long time Anglomoil customer David Minton has confirmed plans to defend his national title at the 2017 Australian Formula Powerboat Grand Prix, a series of five races between February and August.
David pilots a Formula 1 power boat capable of accelerating and cornering faster than a Formula One car. It is powered by a 2.5-litre V6 Mercury outboard which winds out to 9300 RPM and produces 260 horse power. This is less than many of his F1 competitors but it didn’t prevent him from winning the ’16 championship.
David’s climb to the top has been very quick considering that he took up the sport two years ago following his previous experiences in circuit racing with a bullet ski boat.
David says Anglomoil has made the difference with the running of his boat,
“These engines are pushed really hard during our races and some other drivers say they find tiny metal shavings in their gearboxes when they drain the oil. It’s a sign that the oil isn’t protecting the gears. ┬áSince using Anglomoil I haven’t had anything happen. I check it with a magnet and there isn’t anything there to pick up. The oil is holding its viscosity and doing its job. This is why I use it in customers’ engines as well.”
David is a marine mechanic – after years of working on cars – and operates Speed & Leisure in Sydney.
“I regard Anglomoil as the most cost efficient oil in a 20 litre drum. Other drivers have told me what oil they are using and I can get an Anglomoil semi-synthetic which has worked faultlessly for two years for just a little bit more than they pay for a standard mineral oil.”
Keep an eye on our website and Facebook as we follow David in the 2017 championship. Round 1 is at Mulwala on February 18-19.
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